The SCALE network edge

These are the features that make us special

Specializing in life science
Run by life science professionals, SCALE provides exclusive life science product offers and a central hub catering to the unique needs of this industry. SCALE is founded and run by life science PhD veterans specializing in online marketing. We know first hand the needs of our community. Building on our expertise and intimate knowledge of the industry, we bring you exclusive product offers from the life science research field that best complement your website and that can’t be found anywhere else.
Earn more
Being a SCALE partner means you earn a commission on sales of the products you promote. Hence, your high quality content can generate revenue for years to come.. Partnering with SCALE means you earn direct commissions from product sales. From our side, SCALE continually provides new opportunities to help you maximize revenue by offering a wide and constantly growing range of lucrative, commission based products to advertise.. Once you choose an offer and embed it on your web-page, you essentially deploy a net that can continue to capture future, new revenue for as long as you advertise the product.
Complete control
Handpick the best product offers or simply embed a SMART TAG that will automatically display the best advertisement tailored to your content and audiences. You can choose to handpick product offers that give you the best deal and best resonate with your site. Or you can easily embed in your site, in just a few minutes, our SMART TAG, which will automatically select and display the best offers based on semantic analysis of your content.
Completely Non-intrusive
Publish products by seamlessly embedding links in your website text. The link organically blends within your content to drive higher conversions without affecting the user experience. Native links are the most efficient way to advertise products. Because the offer link fits organically within your website’s content, it does not affect the user experience. Moreover, it drives higher click-through and product sale conversions increasing your earnings potential.. You simply choose product offers with the best deal that best fit your site’s content and it’s audience. You can then inject links to these offers directly into your website’s pages’ text without intrusive banners or affecting your user.
It’s easy & we got your back
Implementation is super quick, easy and risk free. Simply embed a link in your website or remove it at any time. Have questions? Our team is here for any question, any time. The best part of partnering with SCALE is that it’s really QUICK & EASY. It takes just a few minutes to open an account, find a product offers you like and embed their unique links in your site. And If you have any questions, our team is available 24/7.
Detailed reporting
Easily track your generated revenue and your posts’ performance with powerful analytics that allow you to optimize your income. SCALE offers you a powerful, fully transparent analytics for live tracking of performance and revenue generated by your embed links. You can harness these insights to further optimize performance of your content and build upon content that works and discard what doesn’t.

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