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We are a team of PhD professionals from the worlds of life sciences, entrepreneurship and online marketing with years of experience establishing various innovative solutions on the web. As scientists, we were keenly aware of the irony that modern web technologies did not penetrate the scientific sphere. As entrepreneurs, we dedicated ourselves to change this by bringing innovative web solutions to the scientific community  that will streamline research workflows and enrich the scientific ecosystem.


One of the fields severely lagging and underdeveloped in the world of science is infrastructure to forge partnerships between product developers (i.e Advertiser) and content creators (i.e Publishers). Facilitating such partnerships can open a wide range of opportunities. On the one hand, publishers can gain monetary value from their audience enabling them to thrive producing high quality content in the field of science. On the other hand, advertisers gain access to a new, highly effective marketing channel enabling them to increase their audience reach and disseminate their high quality products. Finally, we believe that developing the field of web commerce in science will significantly impact and improve the ease of discovering and purchasing the right product, helping scientists focus on creativity and driving science forward. It’s a win for everybody.


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